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Mini Electric Exercise Bike

  • Mini Electric Exercise Bike

Mini Electric Exercise Bike

  • Item No.: TD001P-1
  • Description : Mini Electric Exercise Bike
Product name : Mini Electric Exercise Bike
Chinese Name :鐢靛姩杩蜂綘鍋ヨ韩杞
Item : TD001P-1
Details :
Package: 1pc/ctn
Ctn size: 59.5*44.5*46cm
N.W/G.W.: 19.5/23.3kg
20ft/40ft/40HQ: 972/1944/2376pcs

Product Feature: 
TODO pedal exerciser is a portable stationaryexercise bike which can be placed on floor and cycle to strengthen legs. 
Place the portable pedal exerciser on a tabletop and operate with your hands for firming up hard-to-tone muscles under upper arms. 
Riding a pedal exerciser strengthens major muscle groups to improve back support. Pedal exerciser is great for cardiovascularfitness and toning/building your thighs. 
Pedal exerciser improves muscular flexibility. Stationary pedal exerciser is a great way to exercise conveniently and comfortably, especiallyin the comfort of own home.
This pedal exerciser is easy to use and a fairlygood fat burningexercise. 
Turn the dial of the pedal exerciser to adjust the resistance from a light workout to a rigorousone. 
This handylittle pedal exercise is as useful as its full sized counterpart! Now you can get a full workout just about anywhere! 
Light weight and easy to use.
1) Exercises legs, strengthensknees simultaneously 
2) Strengthens heart and lung 
3) Increases circulatory system of the body 
4) Recoversthe resilience of blood vessels 
5) Helps maintain healthy and tender skin 
6) Weight loss 
7) Improved body shape and definition 
8) Increased muscle mass, strength, endurance, power 
9) Enhanced flexibility 
10) Increased metabolism 
11) Injury protection 
12) Improved self esteem 
13) Improved aerobic fitness 
14) Improved coordination and agility 
15) Helps to trim inner things and tone outer things 
16) Fit for people of every age to do exercise


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